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Seiko cocktail time watch

Seiko Cocktail Time Watch

Trying to find an excellent, fashionable as well as functional wristwatch? Well, then you definitely should look into this selection of Seiko timepieces. Seiko cocktail time watch is one of the most appealing wristwatches of Seiko.

Seiko Cocktail Time watch comes in three very fashionable designs. The watches are named after cocktail flavors since they were manufactured by Seiko in partnership with Mr Ishigaki Shinoba, Japan's most celebrated and top rated bartender. The cool flavor SARB065, no question will be appreciated by the customers. It looks pretty, impressive, and cool; featuring its sunburst dial in navy blue. The dry flavor, SARB066 comes with a white dial with its markers written in roman numbers, which makes it very appealing. The casing is beautiful yellow and will catch your attention if you are big on bright colors. And last, the sweet flavor SARB068, the typeface is engraved in Italian and Arabic that makes the wristwatch appear irresistibly sweet. Other added favorable attributes of these three Seiko timepieces is that their dials are all textured differently. The back cases are transparent, you can see the hand motions of the wristwatch. Also the cases are made from stainless steel. In addition, the bands are made of genuine leather. An important add-on, is that the timepieces are water-resistant up to 50 meters deep!