Seiko Tachymeter Chronograph Watch

Seiko Tachymeter Chronograph Watch. What else can a man fancy for if not a sassy kind of flashy watch? When it comes to watches, it sometimes become a little difficult for one to choose what precisely fits them. Good news is, with Seiko Tachymeter, you can never go wrong. In plain simple words, Seiko watch is packed with acquisitiveness and this contemporary look that makes you stand out from a multitude. Without further ado, what makes this chronograph watch special?

Seiko tachymeter is a men’s watch embedded with luminous hands and markers. It is harbored in a stainless steel case and bracelet and has a double finger press clasp; its water resistance up to 100 meters and prides itself with a rather unique Seiko chronograph movement. Finally, it has two push buttons one at 2 o’clock and the other at 4 o’clock position.

Unknown to many is the fact that Seiko Tachymeter Chronograph isn’t just like ordinary watches or some sort of decoration. It is more than a watch, it’s also a device used to compute distance over time. For instance, it can be used to find the average speed of a moving vehicle between two points with specific distance. For example, to find the average speed of a truck between point x and y with a distance 1km, you just have to know the specific amount of time the truck took to complete its journey and locate where the red hand will be pointing. So if the truck took 30 seconds to finish the journey, the small red handle will be pointing at 120, meaning that the truck can finish 120*(1000m)/hr if speeding at 120km/hr. Other function of this watch include finding totals, and such. Finally, Seiko Tachymeter Chronograph watch is available at a very affordable rate.