Seiko SKZ325K1 Diving Watch

Seiko Automatic Divers Watch

When it comes to divers watches, nothing can be more recognizable than Seiko automatic divers watches. Here, we take a look at four Seiko scuba divers watches: SKZ325K1, SKZ327K1, SKZ330K1, SKZ329k1.

Seiko Automatic Diver Mens Watch SKZ325K1

Seiko Automatic Diver Mens Watch SKZ325K1 Seiko Automatic Diver Mens Watch SKZ325K1

Seiko is known for its iconic diver’s watches. With the Seiko Automatic Diver Mens Watch SKZ325K1 the company went back to its roots in terms of design. What many people appreciate from Seiko is its minimalist design. This Seiko automatic divers watch in particular has a very clean dial layout with rectangular markers in between the chrome linings. The only thing that feels rather off with the design is the second hand. But overall, this watch looks great. It is for people who don’t want anything fancy-looking. Of course, this won’t be a Seiko scuba divers watch if it is not water resistant. The SKZ325K1 is actually a Seiko 200 meters dive watch, which means that you can take it to depths of up to 200 meters.

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Seiko Superior Automatic Watch SKZ329K1

Seiko Superior Automatic Watch SKZ329k1 Seiko Superior Automatic Watch SKZ329K1

Seiko automatic divers watches are probably the most iconic divers watches in the world. The SKZ329k1 has the same look but it has a bigger case and a longer lug compared to the older Seiko scuba divers watches. What you will appreciate about this watch is that its end links are very solid. They are not flimsy at all. Of course, that’s what you would expect from Seiko. It also has a bezel that can be turned 120 degrees in a single direction. Being a Seiko 200 meters dive watch, the SKZ329k1 can be used in most water sports including scuba diving.

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Seiko Superior Scuba Divers Watch SKZ327K1

[caption id="attachment_512" align="alignright" width="300"] Seiko Superior Scuba Divers Watch SKZ327K1Seiko Superior Scuba Divers Watch SKZ327K1

When one mentions diver’s watch, the image that comes to the minds of moist people is most likely the iconic design of Seiko automatic divers watches. The SKZ327K1 is bound to be a modern classic. One of the first thing that you will notice about this Scuba divers watch is its no-frills design. There is nothing fancy about this watch but it certainly performs its functions well. Fans of minimalist watches would love the fact that the SKZ327K1 is almost all black. A nice touch though is red edge of the fat hour hand for easy timekeeping. This is Seiko 200 meters dive watch so you can definitely take it scuba diving without getting worried that it will get damaged.

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Seiko Scuba Divers Mens Watch SKZ330K1

 Seiko Scuba Divers Mens Watch SKZ330K1Seiko Scuba Divers Mens Watch SKZ330K1

How can you improve an iconic design and almost perfect design such as that of Seiko automatic divers watches? You change as little as possible, that’s how. For decades, Seiko scuba divers watches have become synonymous to divers watches because of their minimalist no-frills look. So why fix what is not broken?

One of the few noticeable differences with the SKZ330K1, which is a Seiko 200 meters dive watch, from its predecessors is that is it slightly bigger making it more fashionable since chunky watches are “in” nowadays. But of course, the SKZ330K1 offers the same quality that Seiko is known for.

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13th Jul 2015 | Posted by Adrian

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