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Seiko Quartz Watches

Seiko Quartz watches

Seiko Quartz watches emerged from Seiko’s passion that brought innovation to the watch industry. Quartz watch is powered by a quartz crystal oscillator placed at its core that generates steady accurate vibration when applied with voltage.  With Seiko’s passion to innovation they had experimented and developed the Quartz Technology which revolutionized the history of watches. To be able to utilize quartz watch for practical use, Seiko developed a unique method where the crystal oscillator was shaped like a tuning fork. This also led to the development of IC and step motor to properly operate the signals generated by the crystal. The aim is to take advantage of the electrical property of quartz crystal to a standardized timekeeping accuracy.  Thus in 1969, the company released the first Quartz watch on the market, the Seiko Quartz ASTRON. The quartz frequency that time was 8192 Hz, a quarter of today’s frequency. One of its major features was its step motion second by mounting an open step motor. This became the symbol of quartz watches later in time. Seiko Quartz watches are the symbol of accuracy, reliability, legibility and comfort.