Seiko Pilot watches

Seiko Pilot watches

Seiko Pilot watches were ones that were specifically used for aviation. Pilot watches were generally design to have an ease of reading at a glance that have accuracy. Furthermore, in aviation watches, Seiko come up with the trigonometric slide rule that gives advantage to pilots to make compound calculations in flight. Seiko Pilot watch can be the slide rule bezel, the chronograph, a tachymeter and world time or GMT functions. 

The slide rule bezel of Seiko Pilot Watch makes use of reading arithmetic or conversions on the fly. Slide rule bezel also determines if you have enough fuel in the plane before you reach your destination. It also calculates nautical miles to kilometres.

The function of a chronograph watch is to measure the elapse time or simply used as stopwatch. Aside from chronograph velocity can also measure through the help of a tachymeter and a fixed distance.

There are two common methods in determining time in multiple time zones the “world time” method and “GMT”. World time method has a bezel that shows the time of the major cities in the world which is related to your current location and the “GMT” method wherein another hand tells the time in a 24-hour format. World time can be used in checking the time of other cities. This will be more beneficial to pilots that spend more time far away from their home. 


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