Seiko Mechanical Watch

Seiko Mechanical watch builds each and every piece of today’s mechanical watches that the company produce from the Spron, a high-elastic material developed by Seiko Instruments Inc., and its registered trademark, used in the balance spring to the movement; the dial; the hands, and the case. Each piece is carefully crafted to perfection to produce the best mechanical watch that is kind to our environment.

Lets take a look at some of the key components of Seiko Mechanical watch: The balance wheel and the main spring dictate the precision and power reserve of a mechanical watch. Thus Seiko innovated the Spron 510 to deliver unparalleled power and accuracy to their mechanical watches. Another one is the magic lever, this ingenious device harnesses the energy from the rotor. It turns on both directions to greatly increase the power transfer to the mainspring delivering faster winding speed. Equally essential is the perfect design of the escape wheel and pallet fork to ensure reliability and durability of the Seiko mechanical watch over time.

Overall, Seiko mechanical watch are considered an “affordable luxury” because of the supreme quality, reliability and durability of Seiko watches partnered with reasonable prices.