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Seiko kinetic divers

Seiko Kinetic Divers Watch

Seiko Kinetic Divers watch is an analog quartz watch powered by kinetic movement. It generates electrical energy to keep the watch working by utilizing body movements. The generated energy is then restored to a rechargeable battery which requires no replacements unlike conventional button-type batteries. Seiko Kinetic Divers features an hour hand independent adjustment function that offers several 24-hour hand usages. With this function you can display time in different time zones. It also has a power reserve feature and indicator; energy depletion forewarning to alert you when the watch has low power; and overcharge prevention function. Watch markers are also coated with Lumibrite that emit absorbed light efficiently. It also has a screw lock type crown that prevents operating errors.

Seiko Kinetic Divers are durable and reliable watch that professional divers prefer to use. It also comes in a flexible masculine look that allows you to use the watch for everyday activities.