The Seiko Presage watches introduced in the Japan market in the year 2010.. This series of watches was split into two: the SRPB series made up of three watches with a date and the more complex. The Seiko Presage has reintroduced these 'Cocktail Time' watches to the global market under the same Presage banner. The reintroduced watches with the referral code SRPB also have a Japan Domestic SARY coding. The new watches are; SRPB41J1 or (SARY073), SRPB43J1 or (SARY075), SRPB44J1 or (SARY076), and SRPB46J1 or (SARY078). 
The SRPB43 silvery blue sunburst makes it close to the former SARB065. The case is almost similar except for the larger and highly substantial crown. The case is made of stainless steel, however, Seiko Presage will offer two varieties that come in rose and yellow gold-plated cases. Other new colours for the dial, apart from SRPB43 which is silvery-blue, are the SRPB41 in dark blue, yellow gold case and cream dial for SRPB44, and finally, SRPB46 in rose gold case and brown dial. The only watch to be offered in stainless steel bracelet is SRPB41, the rest of the watches will be offered in leather straps.
These new watches have a better movement. They also bring Seiko's most important advancements in mechanical watchmaking such as, magic lever, the durable and unique Spron alloys used in the springs, and finally the Diashock protection system. The Seiko Presage watches have been fully assembled in-house and are available at affordable prices.