Seiko 7T92 Chronograph Watch

Also popular is the Seiko 7T92 chronograph watch. If an individual dont require the alarm function but would like a much more precise stop watch 1/20th of a second. Then Seiko 7T92 chronograph watch will suit them best. 

The Seiko 7T92 chronograph watch had the subdial at twelveo-clock and had a 1/20th of a second indicator. The subdial at 6 o-clock has hour and minute hands that maintain a record of the chronograph elapsed time up to 12hrs. The hands all tick once per sec like normal chronograph wrist watches, except the 1/20 second hand as it spins similar to a whirling dervish. Watching it spin crazily is cool, but you can almost think the battery power draining away.

With Seiko's reliable and sturdy design plus a chronograph function, perfect in having a sporty masculine style, you could surely wear this watch anytime anywhere.