Seiko 7T62 alarm chronograph watch

The Seiko 7T62 Alarm Chronograph watch has a 2 handed alarm sub dial just above the 6 o' clock position and a 60 min chrono subdial at 12 o' clock. The center Chronograph second hands tick five times per sec and thus mimics the movement of those found in more expensive Seiko chronograph. Therefore this movement can be used to measure 1/5th of a seconds. 

For the alarm it isn't very loud-- it will not wake you from sleep, but will definitely alert you discreetly throughout the day without making a nuisance of itself. An important thing about the alarm subdial is that if not being used for an alarm it could be offset to show a second time zone and due to the fact it has an hour and minute hand it can indicate all those special timezones that happen to be less than one hour difference.