Citizen Eco-drive

Citizen Eco-drive

Many are aware of only three types of watches as far as mechanism is concerned. There is the wind-up watch, the battery-operated watch and more recent solar-powered watch. There is a new kind of watch mechanism that is being offered by Citizen and it is called the Eco-Drive. Just like solar-powered watches, Eco-Drive watches is powered by light. But what makes them unique is that they can store enough power that comes from light in their lithium ion batteries to run the watch for 6 months even in a completely dark room. When the battery of the watch totally runs out, it can easily and quickly be recharged by exposing it to sunlight.

What makes the Eco-Drive Unique?

Citizen has been making light-powered watches for years. But Eco-Drive watches are different from past Citizen Watch models because its power cells are mounted under the dial. In previous Citizen light-powered watches and even in solar-powered watches from other manufacturers, power cells are located directly on the dial. This is made possible with the development of a new thin film amorphous silicon solar cells. Because it is not required to place the power cells on the dial, Citizen as able to incorporate more innovative designs in the dial of Eco-Drive watches. This is the reason why Eco-Dive watches look significantly better than other solar-powered watches. 

Many different variants.The Eco-Drive comes in many different models. There are Citizens ladies and gents watches. There is the Citizen diving watch for those who like to spend their time under water. Then there are also Citizen Chronograph watches for active individuals. For the more serious divers out there is the Citizen Promaster. If you are a jetsetter who always find himself crossing time zones, then the Citizen Skyhawk is the watch for you. This is the perfect time piece for travelers because it has the ability to keep time with radio-controlled accuracy in 4 zones. So no matter what your need is, there is sure to be a Citizen Eco-Drive watch for you. 


Citizen Eco-Drive watches are not only functional, they are fashionable as well. For sure, you won’t mind being seen wearing one whether you are a man or a woman. There is are Eco-Drive watches that are perfect for everyday use then there are more stylish models that you can wear in formal settings. Ladies would particularly be delighted with the women’s line that features sleek and stylish designs.

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