200 meters divers watches

200 meters divers watches

200 meters divers watch

200 meters divers watches is the typical rating for contemporary diver’s watches. These are tool timepieces that are suitable for scuba diving, however these are not appropriate for saturation diving. These watches are designed to withstand diving in water at depths of up to 200 meters and possessing a system to control the time. These divers watches are equipped with a time-preselecting device like a unidirectional rotating bezel. Also, 200 meters divers watches have passed the ISO standard (ISO 6425) that assures that all “Diver’s” rated watches are reliable and legible under water.

These tool watches are inscribed with the words “DIVER’S WATCH 200M” or “DIVER’S 200M” to distinguish diving watches from look-a-like watches that are not suitable for actual scuba diving. 

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